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Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park meant thousands of different things to those fortunate enough to visit July 13 to 15, 2012, the dates of a Tribune project encouraging others to capture scenes in the 102-year-old park.

An estimated 57,000 people entered Glacier's gates and shared 1,013,594 acres from Friday to Saturday.

Photos from that weekend - taken by Tribune readers and staffers - appear on a timeline and are organized on a park map at greatfallstribune.com.




The man behind the railroad

Many have left their imprint on Glacier National Park, but few have left a legacy as remarkable and enduring as Lois W. Hill.


Spectacular night skies

Glacier National Park visitors gather expectantly, craning their necks skyward as night falls.

That's when enthusiastic volunteer astronomers with impressive high-powered telescopes captivate crowds with views of everything from the Andromeda galaxy to Saturn's rings.



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Park favorites

"How are you going to find a favorite part? There are so many good parts. We've thought everything we've seen was the best until we do the next hike"
-- Dave Pumplin, 71, Columbia, MD

Magdalena"I am from a small Argentinain town and it is surrounded by mountins, but not like this. The park is amazing. All of it. We arrived early this morning and saw a mama bear and three little kids. She crossed the trail and into the mountains."
-- Magdalena Diaz, 59, San Martin De Los Andes, Argentina

Colene"We used to live in Montana (MSU graduate). One thing I love is how friendly everyone is htere. And the scenery is wonderful. Our goal is to move back."
-- Colene Bradley, 42, Milford, Mich.

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